Next Aromantic Spectrum Visibility Day: 

The Aromantic Spectrum Visibility Day (ASVD) took place for the first time on the 25th August 2023 and yearly from then on on the:

25th August

It’s supposed to become an international day of action. The ASVD is currently organisised by a group of people from germany, austria and switzerland and AktivAro. The Day is supposed to increase visibility and awareness of the aromantic spectrum.

There are the sketches of  an anteater and a frog (line art). A rainbow in Aro-colours spans from one to the other.

We want to encourage and invite everyone who identifies as aromantic, grey(a)romantic, aliquaromantic or anywhere else on the aromantic spectrum to participate in the Aromantic Spectrum Visibility Day. This may include joining events, sharing infos and sharepics, advertising organisations and contact points or simply celebrating by yourself or with friends. 

We’ll be hosting some events ourselves. If you want to do something, like hosting a local event, one on a platform we’re not (currently) on, feel free to contact us so we can share it.

We would love for the ASVD to have reach beyond German-speaking countries and become a worldwide day for visibility, awareness and advocacy for the aromantic spectrum. That’s also why we’re looking for people to join our team, for englishspeaking events, events in other languages, to help us translate materials into various languages and to connect with other countries. 

Symbol of an angular speech bubble with stylised text

If you want to learn about the different identities on the spectrum or find out whether you might be on the spectrum yourself, you’ll find more information here: