Support us

We’re looking for people who want to help and/or support us by writing texts, managing social media, or networking with press, taking on organisational tasks, translating our website, international networking or maybe something this enumeration didn’t cover but you want to add. Feel free to approach us with any ideas. We’re already looking forward to it. And if you don’t know what you want or are able to do yet, but still want to join our team – no problem at all. Some of us have been there and we’re no pros either. ;D

Symbol of a group of people, silhouettes with various figures

At the moment, we are a small group of people, organising themselves over the AktivAro-Discordserver, and meeting up in it’s voice chats.

Our small team consists of people with various orientations on the aromantic spectrum. Different orientations and genders are represented, different ages and some of us are chronically, mentally ill and/or neurodivergent. We want to ensure, that our team reflects the diversity within the aromantic spectrum. Therefore we want to explicitly invite people of all ages, regardless of educational background/status, career path, origin, ethnos, health status, etc. We would be especially happy hearing from BI_POC, persons read as male, non academic and people above the age of 40.

Interested? Contact us via one of these options Contact