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Topic: Aromantic Spectrum

What’s aromanticsm? Did you ever hear the word aromantic? Are you interested in learning more?”

What’s the aromantic spectrum? Did you know that aromanticism like other labels is a spektrum with diverse experiences. And microlabels of course 🙂
Oh, and sexual and romantic attraction are not the only one out there btw.”

Amatonormativity and Allonormativity – the two constructed social norms that sometimes seem to be our end boss. But then we eat our aro-pear, put the alloaro-sunflower in our hair, set the aro-frog on our left shoulder, give the grey-demi-raccoon the alloaro-ananas as a shield and snack and with our aro-hearts we stand tall against them.”

“After a short rest, here we are again, back with more infos about the aromantic spectrum.
Stay tuned for more!😄
Today the green-grey-white striped frog wants to tell you about grayromanticism.😊🐸”

“It’s overdue we share what alloaro means.
Sometimes alloaros can feel left out and/or alienated in our a*spec communities. Because we sometimes forget that not everyone is aroace or alloace and that there are people who are sex-favourable whom we hurt when we talk negatively about sex-related topics. Not saying one’s not allowed to vent about the seemingly omnipresence of sex. But we should be more conscious about where we do that and how we word it. Because making alloaros feel out of place is a shitty thing to do and we should stop that.”

Aromantic Spectrum Visibility Day 2023

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