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Topic: Aromantic Spectrum

What’s aromanticsm? Did you ever hear the word aromantic? Are you interested in learning more?”

What’s the aromantic spectrum? Did you know that aromanticism like other labels is a spektrum with diverse experiences. And microlabels of course 🙂
Oh, and sexual and romantic attraction are not the only one out there btw.”

Amatonormativity and Allonormativity – the two constructed social norms that sometimes seem to be our end boss. But then we eat our aro-pear, put the alloaro-sunflower in our hair, set the aro-frog on our left shoulder, give the grey-demi-raccoon the alloaro-ananas as a shield and snack and with our aro-hearts we stand tall against them.”

“After a short rest, here we are again, back with more infos about the aromantic spectrum.
Stay tuned for more!😄
Today the green-grey-white striped frog wants to tell you about grayromanticism.😊🐸”

Aromantic Spectrum Visibility Day 2023

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